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We were established in 1995 and since then we have created some of the most visionary real estate in Dhaka City.
Ridge Park Holding Ltd. is a house of construction specialized in building residential apartments and commercial spaces and we pride ourselves in creatingexclusive architectural pieces that are modern, functional and speaks to our clients’ needs.

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Our clients are our biggest motivation. We understand that Trust must be earned. So, not only do we pay keen attention to what industry professionals have to say but we are in conversation with our homeowners and commercial space owners.


Behind every design concept that is ever put to paper, the primary focus is YOU - our homeowners and our commercial space owners. Being attuned to our clientele needs is how we ensure that our products make your home & community lives better. This is how we have been able to thrive for more than 20 years and have been consistently reported to be first in quality, value and customer satisfaction. We believe that the core of our business model is value for partnership and passion for perfection.

We take ownership and price in our customer service . Ridge Park is dedicated and has been prompt to follow up with any technical problems& legal issues in ALL projects implemented since its inception in 1995. This is our unique principle and it has created an unprecedented bond between all our buyer &and owners l till date.


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